We are here to provide state of the art solutions for air sterilization, against the pandemic of COVID-19
Our Vissions
To provide a sterilized environment for all doctors at the forefront, medical community, employees, customers, students, teachers, hotel’s guests, and general public.
Our Mission
Telsa Med is manufacturing a wide variety of technological innovation products which serve the needs of both enterprises and individuals’ doctors. Our unique competitive advantage is that we have the only worldwide equipment which can lock and neutralize viruses such as COVID 19.
Our Core Values & Corporate Social Responsibility:
  1. Our four principles of health care ethics are responsibility, honesty, trust, and integrity.
  2. Our Company combines both innovation and a focus on safety and efficacy in the development and application of our products. 
  3. Our Strengths are clinical and market performance. 
  4. We are a responsible firm which understands the needs of do  our clientsand operates based on exemplary quality standards.
  5. We communicate openly and honestly with all our stakeholders. 
The Founder

Stathis Tsatsalakis

Establisher / Sales & marketing
What they've said about us
“……. Just because Greece is famous for its brilliant minds, it would be an omission not to mention that a Greek research team in Athens managed in less than a year, applying five innovative different technologies, to create a specialized device-global patent, which is able to kill any virus, including SARS-CoV2, that is contained as an aerosol indoors - the "Kelyphos Virus Shield". Capital.gr (01/08/20)


also permanent member &
advisor of OUR research team